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05 Knife Name

Higher-quality version of a "NATO Automatic", though without the guards. This has a single-edged blade in a nice stainless steel. Blade lock-up is better than average. As with other "NATOs", the mechanism is very reliable and the blade always locks nicely in place. Unlike cheaper models, the blade is held more rigidly, though nowhere near as well as with side-opening knives. (A really high-quality front-opening knife usually costs more than $400...and you'll get what you pay for.) There is no safety mechanism on this knife.

  • MFG: Unknown
  • MODEL: Unknown
  • TYPE: Automatic
  • ACTION: Front-opening (dual-action)
  • MECHANISM: Coil spring (in and out)
  • BLADE LENGTH: 3.75"
  • PROS: Attractive finish, nice lock-up for a mid-range front-opener, reliable operation.
  • CONS: Blade lock-up still falls short of side-openers.
  • VALUE: Good value for money and a nice addition to a collection.
  • OVERALL OPINION: More useful to show off than for work, but would certainly do in a pinch. Probably a good choice if you're an action movie hero, though it would be pretty hard to throw it accurately.
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