The Spike

The Spike

I'm not really sure if this would even be considered to be a "knife" in the normal sense. It is a spring-loaded spike (hence, the name) inside a tube about the size of a large pen. It even has a pocket clip, though there's no way on Earth anybody would ever think this might be a real pen. The spike is sharpened at the "business end" and is surprisingly thick in diameter. I'm sure the handle would break before the spike does. The spike is cocked against an internal coil-spring and held in place by a large button that is situated at the end from which the spike emerges. The button is almost flush with the barrel of the tube. There is no safety. On my unit, the button is kind of unreliable, sometimes jamming rather than releasing the spike. This is a single-action unit...the spike must be manually pushed back into place and allowed to latch before it will operate again. Of course, it's a bit tricky pushing a sharpened spike back into place with your fingers, especially since it has to be pushed down into the tube so the point is not showing.

I'm not really sure what this is useful for, other than trying to convince your date that you're actually an international hit-man. It's no good for opening letters. It's too big to unlock the door on the bathroom. You could probably use it to "key" someone's car, but that seems a bit wasteful.

  • MFG: Unknown
  • MODEL: The Spike
  • TYPE: Automatic
  • ACTION: Front-opening
  • MECHANISM: Coil spring (single action)
  • BLADE LENGTH: 3.75"
  • PROS: Impressive and unusual, nicely finished, comes with pocket clip so it won't fall out of your pocket while carrying out nefarious crimes (but the spike is solid steel and is heavy enough that your shirt pocket may tear right off).
  • CONS: Doesn't open reliably (button sometimes jams), hard to cock it using your fingers, spike is much thicker than expected.
  • VALUE: Not too expensive, but not really useful, either. It's not a piece of's pretty well-made of steel and anodized aluminum.
  • OVERALL OPINION: More a novelty than a useful knife or tool.
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