Boker Magnum

Boker Magnum

Another genuine Boker automatic knife. This knife has a black-anodized aluminum handle, but is otherwise very similar in operation and quality to the Boker Automat Kalashnikov. There is no safety mechanism, but it would be pretty difficult to depress the release button accidentally in normal use or carry. The blade is finished in semi-reflective black. The knife can be totally disassembled, if required. This knife is slightly smaller than the Automat Kalashnikov, but is still much too large to carry comfortably in the pocket of your slacks. Hold on to it when you push the button, as this baby really snaps out.

These knives are frequently on sale on-line...guess there's a bunch of them out there. Excellent choice for a durable, useful automatic knife under $40.

  • MFG: Boker
  • MODEL: Magnum
  • TYPE: Automatic
  • ACTION: Side-opening
  • MECHANISM: Coil spring
  • BLADE LENGTH: 3.2"
  • PROS: Great blade lock-up, durable blade that holds edge, smooth operation, comfortable handle that resists slipping, easy to disassemble for service.
  • CONS: None I can think of.
  • VALUE: Great value for the money (usually less than $40).
  • OVERALL OPINION: Probably the knife I would buy if I were going to buy only one automatic knife. (Remember, the size doesn't really matter that much because it's probably not legal for you to carry it anyway.)
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