Timberline Envoy

Timberline Envoy

I carry this knife quite a bit. You would think that I would, therefore, rate it much higher than I do. The reasons I carry it vary from (A) it's not automatic and is legal, to (Z) it didn't cost very much and I don't mind if it gets lost or damaged in use. With that aside, it is a well-made knife with many qualities to recommend it. Overall, it is comparatively thin, even though it uses a steel frame. The opening studs are actually the edges of a small disc screwed to the back of the blade, keeping them low in profile, yet easy to use. The blade is sturdy and locks up well. I've found that it is easy to sharpen and holds an edge for a reasonable period. The belt clip is utilitarian and the knife slips on my waistband quite easily. The blade is held open by a liner lock mechanism that has proven to be reliable and easy to use.

I guess you develop some "distance" from those things that you use everyday. Perhaps I take this knife for granted. But I will admit that it was a random purchase that turned out to be the best overall carry knife I own. OK, OK...I'll bump it up to four stars.

  • MFG: Timberline
  • MODEL: Envoy
  • TYPE: Manual
  • ACTION: Side-opening
  • BLADE LENGTH: 3.75"
  • PROS: Slim profile, easy to open, surprisingly comfortable to carry in spite of the appearance of hard edges, useful blade, easy to sharpen, good gripping surface, good belt clip.
  • CONS: Now that I think about it...none.
  • VALUE: Not cheap (around $40), but very useful.
  • OVERALL OPINION: It's the knife I carry most frequently when I take a belt clip knife, so I guess that says it all.
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