Assisted-Opening Dagger

Assisted-Opening Dagger

This isn't really a traditional "dagger", but it sure tries its best to look like one. These knives are available from eBay and many other locations on-line. They can usually be had for less than $15. This alone makes them stand out from many other knives. The finish and fit are really extraordinary for such an inexpensive knife. The wood scales are nicely finished and fit well. The detail in the fittings, including the decorative touches at the pivot and the numerous screws used to hold the knife together, are typical of more much expensive knives. The blade is designed to look like it is double-edged, but only one edge is sharpened. It looks like you could put an edge on the other side if you chose to, but I think that would make it a bit dangerous to carry. The assisted-opening action is very impressive for such a large knife. The "kicker" only requires a light touch and the blade springs open with surprisingly little kick. The opening action is smooth and the blade consistently locks firmly into place with a liner-lock mechanism. There is no manual safety. When the knife is open, the "kicker" and a stud positioned on the opposite edge of the blade act as guards. They are virtually symmetrical in appearance, which contributes greatly to the "dagger" profile. There's no chance of your hand slipping down the blade, even though the wood scales on the handle have no texture. The blade itself has a nice frosted finish, but it is a bit thin due to the grind on each edge. The large pocket clip is also of frosted steel and is quite utilitarian.

This is another knife that makes people's eyes bulge out when you pull it from your pocket and pop it open. However, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that a law enforcement officer would take this from you in a New York minute if you were found carrying it concealed, and probably throw you in jail to speak with the magistrate to boot.

  • MFG: Unknown
  • MODEL: Unknown
  • TYPE: Assisted-opening
  • ACTION: Side-opening
  • MECHANISM: Leaf spring
  • BLADE LENGTH: 3.75"
  • PROS: Beautiful detail and finish for the very low price, very reliable opening action with very little kick, smooth contours (except for guards) make it easy in the pocket.
  • CONS: Fairly heavy due to steel construction, blade looks a bit weak due to false edge, guards stick out too far and are too rough for regular pocket or waistband carry, appearance alone will probably get you thrown in jail.
  • VALUE: Very nice knife for less than $15..
  • OVERALL OPINION: The overall impression of this knife is that you should be using it as a prop in "Dungeons & Dragons", but it's actually a very attractive and well-made knife at a bargain price. You'll feel right at home staring at yourself in the mirror as you open and close it while muttering, "Are you talking to me? Are you talking to me?"
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