Camco Assisted-Opening

Camco Assisted-Opening

I think that the idea here was to make a knock-off of a Camillus model, but this knife falls far short of that by a long-shot. (BTW, Camillus ceased operations in February, 2007, so hold on to your Camillus knives as some of them may become collectibles.) This is a Camco knife of very poor quality. Probably the best feature of it is that is assisted-opening and that the mechanism works satisfactorily. It's actually quite easy to open, due to the deep scallop near the thumb stud that permits easy access. The knife frame is built around two pieces of stamped metal that are significantly larger than the (cheap) molded plastic handles. When you grab the knife, you are basically holding on to the edges of the metal frame and not the scales. The frame and pocket clip are fairly cheap steel, while the stainless blade is only slightly better in quality. The pocket clip is actually well-designed and very comfortable to use. Like some other cheap knives, the liner lock is very suspect and I would not put a lot of pressure on the blade without being scared that the blade would fold back on my knuckles.

I guess I included this knife so I couldn't be accused of thinking that I always find great bargains in quality knives. I'd trade three of these for a single Maple knife.

  • MFG: Camco
  • MODEL: Unknown
  • TYPE: Manual
  • ACTION: Side-opening
  • BLADE LENGTH: 2.75"
  • PROS: Assisted-opening action works pretty reliably, thumb stud is unusually accessible, pocket clip is slightly better than average.
  • CONS: Cheap materials and construction make one suspicious of durability and safety.
  • VALUE: Probably not a good deal at any price.
  • OVERALL OPINION: Nice to keep around to remind oneself of what poor knives are like. I'd give it away, but I might get sued if someone gets hurt using it.
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