Spyderco Delica (ClipIt)

Spyderco Delica (ClipIt)

This was my wife's knife and she carried it in her purse for years. It's the classic Spyderco, with a large thumbhole for easy opening and the uniquely-shaped blade. This is the plain-edge version, which seems to be less popular than the serrated or combo-edge. The blade is about 2.75" long and is made of top-quality stainless. The nylon handle is nicely shaped and textured for a reliable grip. The blade is held open by a back-lock, which is nicely-positioned for easy one-handed operation. The pocket clip is molded into the handle, which makes it comfortable and non-abrading but allows it to loosen or wear and fail to hold securely. This is not an assisted-opening knife, but it has sentimental value to me. I often heard from the guys she worked with about how she would whip this knife out to open a box or to perform some other task. I think several guys immediately fell in love with her upon seeing the knife.

You really can't go wrong by buying this knife. It's durable, comfortable to carry, and holds a good edge.

  • MFG: Spyderco
  • MODEL: Delica
  • TYPE: Manual
  • ACTION: Side-opening
  • BLADE LENGTH: 3.25"
  • PROS: Lightweight, durable, great blade and edge, easy to open with large thumbhole, blade lock is positive.
  • CONS: Pocket clip can loosen up, tends to be expensive.
  • VALUE: The only flaw with this knife might be the cost. Spyderco seems to think these are more than just some molded plastic and a bit of stainless steel.
  • OVERALL OPINION: Hard to go wrong with this knife, if you can bring yourself to pay $35+ for one.
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