Cold Steel Voyager (Serrated Tanto Blade)

Cold Steel Voyager (Serrated Tanto Blade)

I bought this knife to replace a Spyderco Delica I lost. I wasn't crazy about the combo-edge Delica, so I went to the Cold Steel Voyager line and picked a fully serrated Tanto blade. Like Spyderco, Cold Steel is very impressed with their knives and parts with them only for significantly more money than I think is reasonable. This knife bears many similarities to the Delica, featuring a Zytel handle with molded pocket clip, a back-lock for the blade, and a high-quality stainless blade. Of course, the problem with serrated edges is maintaining them properly. The easy way is to sharpen the edge opposite the grind, but this wears the edge down pretty quickly while producing a ragged edge. You can touch them up with a buffing wheel, or you can buy a sharpening stone designed for serrated edges. This is what I did, since I use a Lansky system for sharpening my knives. I find the Voyager is a tad more comfortable to wear than the Delica, but is a little slower to open.

As with the Spydercos, you can't go wrong with these knives if you can just bear to pay the price Cold Steel asks.

  • MFG: Cold Steel
  • MODEL: Voyager (Serrated Tanto)
  • TYPE: Manual
  • ACTION: Side-opening
  • BLADE LENGTH: 3" (actually closer to 2.75")
  • PROS: Lightweight, durable, very comfortable, good quality blade and edge, cuts through just about anything.
  • CONS: More challenging to open than a Spyderco, serrated edge takes some effort to sharpen, expensive.
  • VALUE: You'll probably like it if you get over the sticker shock.
  • OVERALL OPINION: Again, hard to go wrong with either a Spyderco or a Cold Steel, but they ain't cheap.
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