Automatic and Assisted-Opening Knives

Due to the image-intensive nature of this section, there's an interactive image of some knives below.  Just select the knife that you want to read about and click on it.  You'll have an opportunity to return to this picture after reading about the knife.  A larger picture my be viewed here.

There are a few more knives shown below. These are knives that either are too large to fit in my knife roll or that I carry regularly and need to keep handy. A couple of them have plain, old sentimental value. Again, there's a larger version of the image here.

And here are a few more, including one that was a recent gift from a friend. She wanted to replace one of my knives that was confiscated by the TSA. Yes, I (accidentally) tried to board a plane while carrying an Applegate-Fairbarn Combat Folder...with predictable results. There's a larger version of the image here.

Finally, I have a couple pictures of one of my favorite knives, a CRKT M16-14, here. This is a beautiful knife that I have used for years, but it is just too darn big to carry on a daily basis. If you don't carry a particular knife on a regular basis, then you may as well switch to another knife or stop carrying one altogether. Otherwise, you'll be reaching for where it isn't and you won't be familiar with the operation. So this one mostly goes on paddling and camping trips.

NOTE:  Personal ownership of automatic knives is not a violation of Federal law.  It is definitely a violation of Federal law to manufacture them or to carry them on Federal property.  State laws vary, but, as a rule, you may not carry an automatic knife on your person or take one on certain types of properties, including schools, educational institutions, and most State-owned properties.  Check with an attorney or your local law enforcement agency before carrying, buying, selling, or transporting an automatic knife.

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